Watch And Learn How To Build Your Own Rocket Stove From Scratch.

A significant amount of our monthly power bills is spent on common household requirements like heating our rooms, heating water for bathing, or cooking our food. Actually, there’s a tool that can do all these things, and using it should lower your electricity consumption. The tool is called the rocket stove.

A rocket stove is an efficient stove that almost completely combusts or burns wood. It also burns cleanly, so there should be no issue of smoke odors. A rocket stove can reach high temperatures really fast. It also costs close to nothing to build a perfectly working rocket stove.

In this DIY tutorial video, the author will show you how you can make your own rocket stove from scratch. The stove is composed of metal parts so it will require metalworking skills and tools. Although not as cheap and simple as other rocket stove projects, this one can be passed on from one generation to another because of its durability.

Image source: Made in Poland

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