An Efficient And Easy Way To Make Rocket Stove With Passive Water Heater.

A rocket stove is, and will always be, a popular DIY project. This one, on the other hand, takes it a step further. Aside from being able to cook on top of the stove, one of its sides can be connected to a bucket of water using a water jacket.

This makes the rocket stove a bit more efficient. The heat that escapes from the casing of the stove gets used for the warm water on the side. Since the water is not the priority or the one on top of the stove, expect that the water will get hot slower.

Anyway, if you want to replicate the project, you will need a metal tube for the stove, water jackets, and a few steel plates. Make the rocket stove by using the metal tube. Make holes for the exhaust and air intake. After that, install a leakproof water casing on the side. Connect that casing to a bucket of water. Then you are done.

Image source: carsandwater

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