How To Bend Roll Cage Tubing Like A Real Master.

Have you ever wondered what those tubes are inside a car designed for drag racing? The tubes are welded into some sort of a mesh. It’s called a roll cage and its role is to protect the occupants of the vehicle from injury if ever an accident occurs.

Also called an exo cage, the roll cage is specially constructed and engineered to fit a particular race car model. The mesh design is what makes the cage strong, which is essential given the amount of force the car will be subjected to when it accidentally crashes.

You can actually make your own roll cage. Designing is quite easy as long as you form your mesh with trusses. One of the basic tasks you need to accomplish is bending the metal tubes according to your design. In this DIY tutorial video, the author will show you how to bend metal tubes that will become parts of your own roll cage.

Image source: Brett Roberts

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