Make Your Very Own Rolled-Edge Stove Using An Aluminum Can In Just 10 Minutes.

Nothing says childhood better than roasting marshmallows on a camping fire. Children nowadays spend much of their time on the internet and miss out on great things such as that. Do not deprive children of such experience and take them out to a camping trip.

However, camp stoves and other portable stoves are a bit expensive. A mid-range camping stove could cost a good $30. A butane gas stove costs around a couple of hundreds. Meanwhile, full-blown gas ranges and cooktops could easily cost much more.

There is a cheaper way to go other than buying commercial stoves. Using a few household items, you can easily create your own stove in the confines of your home. You can make a working stove from aluminum bottles, a car jack and a drill. The following video features how to create a stove using a rolled-edge aluminum bottle.  

Image source: IntenseAngler

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