Step-By-Step Tutorial: How To Make A Ladder Entirely Out Of Rope.

Do you still remember your scouting days when you were taught how to tie different knots? You try to learn and memorize them because the task was definitely worth a scout button. If only you realized back then that those knots could actually be useful in real-life situations.

Different kinds of knots serve different purposes. Although some may look alike, each has a particular purpose. When you’re camping out with your friends or family, knowing a thing or two about knots and using rope for daily tasks might come in handy — like making a ladder using nothing but rope.

It seems impossible, you might say, because a ladder will require a sturdy material that you can step on, like a piece of wood for example. But there really is a way to make a ladder out of a long rope. This is what the author will show you in this DIY tutorial video.

Image source: selfmadesailor

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