[Video] Convert Rust Into Rustproof Surface Using A Simple Technique.

Like other things made from steel, the chassis of cars and trucks are also susceptible to oxidation resulting to rust. And when it happens, it can introduce more problems if not treated early. The usual process is to first grind off the rust before putting on rustproofing and then paint.

Grinding may thin off the metal after some time so others are a bit hesitant to go through the process. There is actually another method where you don’t have to grind off the rust first which is already a tedious task by itself. It calls for the application of a compound called G503.

Using the G503, grinding off the rust becomes unnecessary. This reduces the effort significantly and makes rust elimination and rust proofing much easier. This video will show you how the compound is applied and how easy it is to do the application. To see how it’s done and the great results you will get, watch the video until the end.

source: Watson’s Wagons

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