Learn How To Make A Picnic Table And Sandbox Into One!

It is important for kids to have a regular outdoor activity to keep them healthy and enhance their social abilities. These activities can include sports, picnics and other outdoor events. One of the most common outdoor activities that children seem to enjoy is playing in a sandbox. Their imagination run wild when they see the sand and the toys they can play in it.

However, a sandbox can be expensive, depending on its material and brand. Kids can also have picnics with their friends in parks and playgrounds. What if you can let them have a picnic first, then play in a sandbox after? This video will let you do just that!

In this video, it will be demonstrated how to make a picnic table that can also transform as a sandbox for children to play with. The top of the table is detachable, and bags of sand can be stored in it. Watch the video to learn how to make it!

Image source: DM Idea

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