Save Your Blades – Build Your Own Knife Sharpening System.

You may have a favorite kitchen knife, or maybe you have a toolset that contains all sorts of expensive edged tools. No matter what make or model, without proper maintenance and upkeep your blades and tools will end up dull pieces of scrap metal. Knife sharpeners don’t work for plane blades and chisels, so what can you do? Don’t worry, you can build your own sharpening system out of old breadmaker parts!


We’ve all seen those cheap knife sharpening stones at big chain stores that, frankly, do a lot more damage than good to your precious blades. If you have a broken breadmaker, which for some reason isn’t that hard to find, you can hack together your own sharpening system that works just as well as the professional ones.

This DIY project comes with plenty of visuals to guide you along the way to home knife sharpening goodness. Check out this awesome article and never pay through the nose for blade sharpening services again!

Sharpening_system01image: makendo

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