Here’s How To Make A Tomahawk Out Of A Saw Blade.

Crafting knives and axes can be a nice hobby. It’s great for passing time and you save money because you don’t have to buy these tools from the home depot anymore. You can also sell your projects to other people and earn a few bucks. And since they are custom made, they are unique.

The good thing about crafting these tools is that you can reuse old parts that you may already have lying around in your shop or those that are being sold at a junk shop nearby. That means you get it cheap and you help the environment by recycling instead of using raw components.

Like the tomahawk crafted in this video, for example. There are really no new parts to buy for this project. The blade of the tomahawk comes from an old, rusted saw blade. The handle is just a simple piece of wood. If you are interested in crafting this axe, watch the video and learn how it’s done.

Image source: Diesineveryfilm Customs

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