Simple Trick: How To Use A Screw Extractor To Remove Stuck Bolts From Engine.

There will come a time when a bolt will get stuck to almost anything. That can be caused by a multitude of problems. It can be because of rust. It can be because of screwing the bolt too tight. And one of the usual reasons is that the thread is already worn out.

If that bolt is stuck in a delicate place, like a car engine, you cannot haphazardly extract it using brute force. One of the solutions is to use a screw extractor. However, be reminded that using a screw extractor near an engine can be a bit risky. After all, screw extractor bits are tempered and hardened, so much so that they cannot be easily chipped or removed if they get stuck. So in case it gets stuck in your engine, prepare yourself for a massive headache.

Anyway, to use it, you must drill it into the stuck bolt. Once it gets through, you can stop drilling. Since it is bored counterclockwise, the extractor bit can be turned using a wrench and, together with it, the stuck bolt will be removed.

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