Secret Compartment Box: A Safe Place To Keep Our Jewels.

Did you know that 16% of stolen jewelry came from people storing valuable gems in trinket boxes? Fancy compartment or trinket boxes are pretty to look at but danger lies when break-in happens in your home. Trinket boxes can be easily opened and valuables in it are easily stolen, too.

Boxes with secret compartments are widely used in today’s time. These boxes are of great advantage to people since it allows individuals to store precious items inside the secret compartment and ordinary items in the main compartment of the box — that one space that can be first seen when opened.

Instead of purchasing boxes with secret compartments, one can do it in a short span of time, if that person has free time on his/her hands. With just few blocks of wood, wood glue, a saw as substitute for mechanical cutter, and a sand paper; one can create the box.

Image source: Dustin Penner

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