Setting Up And Using A Paint Spray Gun: A Step By Step Tutorial For Beginners.

A paint spray gun is a very useful paint applicator that ensures a fine finish for your various projects such as cabinets and other furniture. It also gives the same quality of finish even for small surfaces. Such sprayers can retail from a mere $30 up to $200, depending on the kind you get.

Paint spray guns, although very useful, can be quite intimidating to use, especially if it is your first time to use them. More than just using them, the actual setting up can also prove to be rather challenging. However, with this tutorial video, even beginners can learn how you can set up and use a gravity-fed HVLP pneumatic paint gun.

In terms of setting up, you will need to learn how to attach the air regulator, how to load the gun, how to thin out paint, and how to set the air and fluid gauges. Aside from these, you will also be taught how you should hold the gun while you spray the paint. Check the next page for more information on the proper way to use a paint spray gun.

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