You Really Need To Shake That Spray Paint. Here’s Why.

Shake well before using — you’ll see that instruction in a lot of product labels including those for spray paints. But how do you shake it well? ‘Well’ is a subjective word. What can be called ‘well’ in one product might not apply for another. In the case of spray paint, how long should you shake it?

Shaking a spray paint is a must before you use it. Otherwise, the can will only be expelling propellant instead of the paint. That means the paint applied will be very thin and when the propellant is gone, there will still be paint left inside the can. You just wasted your money.

But how long should you shake the can before you can use it properly and get the most paint out? In this video, you will see how the duration of shaking affects the quality of the paint being sprayed.

Image source: Steve Ramsey

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