Simple Tip: How To Use A Paracord To Sharpen A Knife.

Two things that you should always include when you’re out camping is a good knife and a length of paracord. The knife can be used to cut wood for your fire and the paracord can be used to tie your tent. But what if your knife becomes dull and you don’t have a sharpening tool?

It may not be something that you see often, but you can sharpen your knife using a paracord. It may sound a bit off because you should be using the knife to cut the paracord, not sharpening the knife using the paracord, but this tip really works.

The trick, as will be shown by the tutorial video is to apply a nice layer of mud on a stretched out paracord. Clay mud is preferred but if it’s not available, ordinary mud will do. The mud provides enough grit to sharpen the edges of any knife.

Image source: IntenseAngler

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