Sharpen Up That Dull Oscillating Multi-tool.

There was a time when man had limited tools when working on wood. Everything had to be done manually. Everything required a lot of effort and time. Advances in technology gave birth to tools that made woodworking a lot easier. One of these tools is the oscillating multi-tool. An oscillating multi-tool is a power tool with a wide variety of attachments for multiple types of tasks.

The oscillating motion moves the attachment so it can be used for sawing, grinding, polishing, and other tasks. It’s a powerful and useful tool that should be in your arsenal if you’re a serious woodworker.

But like all things that need to cut through any material, the attachments you use in your oscillating multi-tool can get dull over time. When that happens, the normal course of action would be to buy a new one. That doesn’t have to be the case every time and you’ll know why in this DIY video.

Image source: seejanedrill

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