How To Fabricate A Square To Circle Aluminum Transition Tube By TIG Welding.

You will never know when a simple aluminum transition tube can take much work to create. And when you see one being made by a master in front of your eyes, you cannot help but get filled with envy.

This video is a good example of how to TIG weld in a precise and efficient manner. You can see the lap joints are perfectly lined up as if an overly compulsive person did his way on to the metal. And the creator of the video made it appear too easy to do.

Anyway, the video is a demonstration on how to fabricate and “mold” sheet metal from start to finish. It starts with a sheet of MDF board. Then it will be shaped as the initial mold for the transition tube. After that, sheets of aluminum were cut, folded, and welded to fabricate the tube itself. The project was topped off with connecting the mounting plates and buffing.

Image source: 6061. com

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