How To transform A shock Absorber Into A Sturdy Stool.

A shock absorber is a mechanical device made up of a strong metal material designed to absorb and reduce shock. It converts the kinetic energy from the shock into another form of energy, and dissipates that energy. Its vertical design, accompanied by a coil spring, makes it a desirable material for stools. Shock absorbers are very sturdy and can hold a large amount of weight efficiently, since it is designed to absorb massive shock impulses.

Coil springs are also called helical springs that are used to store the energy while compressed, and release it when expanded. These springs are the primary part of shock absorbers since they mainly execute the mechanism – absorb shock and store the energy it was converted to for later use.

In this video, it will be demonstrated how shock absorbers and coil springs will be transformed into a pair of stools that you can use at home. 

Image source: Eamon Walsh DIY

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