How To transform A shock Absorber Into A Sturdy Stool.

Shock absorber stools — by ‘Eamon Walsh DIY’. The springs allow the stool to be lowered down and flexible enough for people to use. It will carefully be inserted to the base of the stool and secured with screws. There are different tools involved to make the stool, and the project needs skills and attention. Hazardous processes such as welding and grinding are also used. Safety must be the utmost concern and safety measures must be observed while making the project.

Many thanks to the video creator ‘Eamon Walsh DIY’.


How to make stools from shock absorbers and coil springs. This video shows how to make a pair of stools from shock absorbers and coils springs. The shocks and spring came from the back of an old VW Polo….Eamon Walsh DIY

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Image source: YouTube.

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