Shop Fan From Used Furnace Blowers.

A furnace blower is usually made with a centrifugal fan instead of an axial one. Centrifugal fans are very efficient in moving a large volume of air. The air output can also be ducted or directed unlike its axial counterpart. This makes centrifugal fans essential for furnace blowers.

You can find old furnace blowers from your local junk shop and you can buy them really cheap. You can then make use of the centrifugal fans from these blowers. These fans are also called squirrel cages because of the shape. These fans can be used to replace some box fans you have in your shop.

In this DIY video, the author will show you how to shop the fan out of an old furnace blower and make use of it in your house or any other area where you need to move air fast. The video also shows some tips in preventing over voltage that can burn the motor.

Image source: sixtyfiveford

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