Create A Simple Yet Interesting Do-it-Yourself Homopolar Motor At Home.

Are you fascinated with the science behind motors and wanted to make a simple one for yourself? Do you want to learn about the basic principles of magnets and motors? Or are you just looking for a simple science experiment that you can readily do at home? Then, creating a homopolar motor would be a great idea for you.

A homopolar motor is the simplest type of electric motor that exists today. It was actually developed by Michael Faraday in 1821. This motor type can power circular movements using a direct electric current. Power supply of the simplest homopolar motors usually comes from a battery.

While homopolar motors aren’t used for practical purposes, it’s a great way to show how motors work through the principles of electromagnetism. They’re also fun and easy to make. Get yourself some copper wire, a single AA battery, and a neodymium magnet, then watch this short video and follow along to create your own homopolar motor in no time.

Image source: VitaliUS EN

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