Save A Lot Of Time And Effort With This Extremely Simple Wood Glue Trick.

Woodworking can be such an enjoyable hobby for many people. It is also an incredible skill to learn. If you have basic woodworking skills and combine them with a little creativity, you can build just about anything! But sometimes there are little things about woodworking that can be time-consuming and frustrating.

Some woodworking projects would require you to use wood glue to join pieces of wood together. It leaves a clean look without any nail marks. However, cleaning the excess glue that oozes from your work can be frustrating. In this short informative video, your problems with leftover wood glue will end.

Wood glue can leave a mark on your project if not handled effectively. Once it’s dried, it’ll be harder and time-consuming to remove. You may need a chisel and sand the area where the wood glue was removed. If you fail to do this, your project won’t have a clean, smooth finish.

Image source: Are Baloni

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