Create Your Own Rustic Wooden Clock With Scrap Wood Pieces And Epoxy Resin.

Do-it-yourself craftsmen like you often have a few scraps of quality wood scattered around your workshops. You’ve kept wood scraps for various projects that come into your mind. These small pieces are useful for projects that are either functional, decorative, or both.

You can utilize wood scraps in doing pretty much any kind of project you like. So why not take those little pieces and turn them into a lovely wooden clock for your living room or bedroom? If you’re growing tired and weary of your conventional clocks at home, give those little wood scraps a chance to become unique.

This video quickly walks you through the simple process of creating a wooden clock. Most tools you’ll need for this project might very well be found in your workshop already. If you have your power tools ready, as well as some resin, clock dials, and the small clock motor, you’re good to go!

source: M.N. Projects

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