DIY Tutorial On How To Make Your Own Socket Organizer.

A socket wrench is every handyman’s necessity. Your toolbox won’t be complete if you don’t have a socket wrench with a complete set of sockets. There are many kinds of socket wrenches, but the ratcheting socket wrench is arguably the most versatile of all. This kind of wrench has interchangeable sockets.

The ratcheting socket wrench is the most common type of socket wrench. There are available socket wrench sets that can have up to 34 pieces of sockets in different sizes. But these sockets can be too small and can easily get lost. The best thing to do is to make an organizer for them.

In this detailed instructional video, you will see how a wooden socket organizer is made. The organizer is for a 19-piece socket set. You can adjust the size of the organizer depending on how many sockets you have. All you need for this socket organize project is basic woodworking skills.

Image source: Brandon’s woodworks

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