[Video] DIY Solar Furnace. Save Energy And Money: An Inexpensive Way To Warm Your Home.

Energy is normally sourced from coal and natural gas, but they emit harmful gases that cause air pollution and global warming. Energy prices often skyrocket due to the limited sources of coal and natural gas. You can get solar energy at little or no cost at all.

During the winter season, it can be expensive to warm up a room, more so an entire house. You can solve this by building a solar furnace using recycled materials that you can buy from junkyards at a fraction of the actual cost or from materials lying idly at home.

Cool air is drawn from the house with a small hose intake and passed through the dryer hose. Solar rays heat up the dryer hose and the air passing through it is pushed back into the house to heat up the room. Watch the video to see how it works.

source: warmpod.com

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