Here Is The Correct Way To Solder Copper Pipes.

Copper pipes are often used for supplying hot and cold water in a home plumbing system. Copper is easier to work with compared to lead or iron because it’s much softer. It also typically costs lower to install because copper pipes are easy to join together using brazing or soldering.

In this DIY tutorial video, the author will show you how to correctly solder copper pipes. The steps are shown in detail and are easy to follow. Once you’ve learned this technique, you will be able to solder copper pipes of any diameter with ease and confidence that the joint will not leak.

Before you start the welding process, you will need a few tools and materials. A torch that you can purchase off the local home depot, a gas canister (either MAPP or propane), a torch lighter, some sandpaper, wire brush of the correct size, flux, and solder. Are you ready to learn? Watch the video.

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