Step-By-Step Instructions: This Nifty Trick Allows Your Speed Square To Double As A Level.

If you have been doing DIY projects for a while now, you probably already have a speed square lying in your toolbox. You’ve probably used it for measurement and even determining the right angles for your projects, but did you know that you can also use your speed square as a level?

If you look closely at your speed square, you’ll find the word “PIVOT” right at the point where the 90-degree angle forms. This is the key towards using the speed square as a level. Simply attach a plumb bob on this part and make sure it aligns with the 45-degree measurement to indicate that the surface you are working on is level with the ground.

This tip is handy for people who need to level off surfaces but don’t have a level with them. To see how you can do this nifty trick, move on to the next page to watch the step-by-step instructions.

Image source: seejanedril

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