Step-By-Step Process: Build A Cheap Spot Welder Using Your Old Microwave Transformer.

If you have an old microwave sitting in your basement, you can use it to make a spot welder. It will save some money, and it works just like the real one. You’ll need to do some major modifications in the microwave transformer, and run a 35mm cable wire inside it.  It will generate enough volts to weld metals.

You’ll be going to need simple tools such as drill and angle grinder. You can also use metal scraps to build the exterior of the welder. You can design it whatever you like, but make sure not to ruin the cable wires because they are the important parts.

It’s best to take your time watching the video. The process of making the spot welder is complicated, and it could pose a serious threat if done incorrectly. The video has the step-by-step process on making the spot welder, and at the end, you can also see the tool in action.

Image source: Made in Poland

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