[Video] Learn How To Correct The Different Myths And Misconceptions Of Spray Painting.

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions that are circulating in the spray painting trade. These impractical routines often make the job harder, and these practices also degrade the quality of your work. You might also be doing these things out of awareness, and this is the best time to learn the proper way of spray painting.

Some myths and misconceptions include:

  • It is best to sand the paint in between coats.
  • Spray paints will fill in scratches and gaps.
  • You need to hold the can far away from the spraying point.
  • You need to wait a day or a week before putting your top coat.
  • You need a special paint for areas such as engine block and brake calipers.

Improve your ability in spray painting by avoiding these misconceptions. Watch the video to learn more explanations about the myths and misconceptions in spray painting. It also contains tips on how to execute things without messing up your work.

source: customspraymods

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