How To Make Your Own Spray Oil Burner Using Regular Fittings.

If you want to have an oil spray burner fast, and you have an air compressor and gas tank lying around, you can do this project. All you need are some needle valve, tubes, and a t-piece (t-tube). Just connect two needle valves to the tank. The first valve will allow air from a compressor go inside the tank. Then second valve will allow the fuel inside the tank to go outside to the spray. The air from the compressor will push the fuel inside the tank when turned on.

The spray is made from a t-piece. The first end of the t-piece is connected to the fuel out valve of the tank. The second end of the t-piece is connected to the compressor. The third end is where the air and fuel will come out. In the video, a crimped copper pipe was used. The crimp makes it easier to turn the fuel into mist and it also improves the air pressure.

source: Oil Burner

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