Learn Useful Tips On How To Weld Square Tubing.

Welding is one of those skills that can help you save money or earn you a few bucks. You save by making your own projects and earn if you sell them or get hired for your services. Either way, learning how to weld is worth the money and time you put into it.

Once you have learned the welding basics either from a class or through self-study, there are lots of tutorial videos that can enhance your welding skills through valuable tips from professionals. Watching and following them will make some welding tasks less tedious.

One welding task you may encounter in one of your future projects is welding two square tubing that will need to fit inside each other. This welding technique is common when making a table with a metal frame. This DIY tutorial video will teach how to execute this technique using foolproof steps as shown by the author.

Image source: Stephen Marchio

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