Dead Battery? Just Use A Rope To Start Your Car.

So your battery went dead on you and you are not able to start your car. To make things worse, there’s no one else around to push your car so you can kickstart it or get another vehicle to jumpstart. Sounds like a hopeless situation, right? Well, maybe not.

But first, you need to understand that this trick will not work on all cars. The car should be running on petrol (doesn’t work on diesel for some reason), have manual transmission (tough luck for automatic trannies), and have a relatively small engine. And you’ll also need a bit of brute strength.

There are only two tools needed for the trick. A jack, which you should already have in your car since it’s an essential tool, and a rope. Not all of us carry ropes in our trunks but after watching this video and you’re driving a manual, petrol fueled car, you might start considering buying one.

Image source: Shake the Future

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