Steampunk Lamp: How To Make An Industrial Pipe Oil Lamp.

DIY Steampunk Industrial Pipe Oil Lamp — by ‘Banjo Show’. The video about steampunk lamp is not necessarily an instructional guide on how to make one. By watching how the concept is actualized, it would be most creative to imagine your own structure, pick your own material and build around it in accordance to how you visualized it to be.

Many thanks to the video creator ‘Banjo Show’.


I use a combustible mixture: Paraffin oil, smell and smoke free, slow-burning, non-flammable (flash point at 85° C) The valve is filled with glue, you never in its life can not open, even the biggest key what you can find (This is for those who are afraid someone will open the valve)….Banjo Show

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Image source: YouTube.

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