Make Your Own Wooden Mallet With A Steel Hoop.

A mallet is a type of hammer that is usually made of wood or rubber. It is smaller than a beetle or a maul, and its head is relatively large. Wooden mallets are often used in carpentry for knocking pieces of wood together or driving chisels or dowels.

The use of wood as a material has a specific purpose. Metal hammers can deform metal tools but since wood is somewhat softer, that can be prevented. Using a wood mallet also gives the woodworker more control when driving a chisel’s cutting edge to wood. Wooden mallets are also used in knocking cricket bats.

There are ready made wooden mallets that you can buy from a hobby store or a hardware shop but if you want to make one yourself using material that you may already have in your workshop, you’re in luck. In this video, you will know how to make a wooden mallet from scratch.

Image source: Garage workshop

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