Stone Splitting Tools: Forging Your Own Tools For Stone Splitting.

Stone is one of the best materials you can use for just about anything under the sun. With the right care, it can withstand almost anything. Furthermore, there is a unique aesthetic appeal when using stone as a building material. It is one of the reasons why stone building is still highly valuable.

Of course, the problem with using stone as a building material lies in its sheer mass. It goes without saying that handling stone, with its weight and toughness, is not going to be easy. Take for example splitting stones to smaller sizes. It is basically impossible without the right equipment.

Speaking of equipment, not everyone knows this but you can actually create your own tools for stone splitting. You can create your own equipment using basic materials and tools. In the next page, you’ll learn how you can build your own stone splitting tools right at your own backyard.

Image source: Torbjörn Åhman

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