[Video] A “Small But Terrible” Alternative To Stud Finders: Hassle-free With This Cool Hack Finding Your Wall Stud And Ceiling Joist Beneath Your House!

A wall stud is part of your wall framing. It is aligned at least 12 inches from each other with the wall surface attached on each side. Wall studs can be made out of steel (a more popular option) or wood, depending on how much ceiling load it would bear.

On the other hand, ceiling joists are the counterpart of wall studs on your ceiling. Both provide structure and additional support for your house to stand up for who knows how long. Without these two, your house can become wobbly and easy to topple down when earthquake and fire strikes.

There are moments when you must make renovations, and screws used to establish your studs and joists for your walls and ceiling need to be found beneath all those layers of paint. In this video, you can find these tiny bits of metal using only one inexpensive instrument: earth magnets!

source: MrDiyDork

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