Applying A Swirling Pattern Or Engine Turning On Aluminum.

When checking out metal products, like tables, you will often find that some of them have a swirling pattern design. This is just one of the many patterns that engine turning can produce. Engine turning is usually done as a finishing to metal products.

You can easily do this with simple tools such as a power drill, a cork, and a scouring pad. However, the DIY instruction in the video is a bit more complex than usual. The creator has decided to over engineer it, just to have an excuse to use his lathe.

Only do this if you have a lathe and a bit of time to spare. Also, do note that aluminum is the best metal to apply swirl patterns on. It is easier to work on, and it is easy to buff to make your design shinier and even more reflective. And as usual, practice caution when using heavy machinery.

Image source: JohnnyQ90

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