Learn How To Make Your Own Swivel Stools!

A swivel stool is a kind of bar stool that has a rotating mechanism, often accompanied by a foot rest and usually made of wood or metal, although there are many types of stools made of other types of materials nowadays. These stools are mostly used in bars and restaurants, with other industries such as hotels starting to use them as well.

Swivel stools can be quite expensive, depending on the material, architecture and brand. In this video, you will learn how to build your own swivel stool from scratch! The creator in the video demonstrated how a piece of log can be turned into a swivel stool.

He invented a simple rotating mechanism to implement the swivel. The top is made of wood while the support is made of metal, to ensure both comfort and durability. Watch the video to learn how to make your own swivel stool, gather the tools and start building!

 Image source: HomeMade in Lviv

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