From Start To Finish: How To Make Your Own Sword Using An Old Wrench.

Who doesn’t want to have his or her own sword? And who doesn’t like the idea of being a swordsmith? Of course, you are not one of those guys! This project will teach you how to “forge” your own blade by using an old wrench as your metal source.

Of course, it seems like an easy task at first, but it can be challenging — tiring, to be precise. Still, you’ll feel so proud of yourself after this project.

Also, note that the bigger the wrench, the better. A two to three-pound wrench should be good enough to produce a short sword. All you need are: a hammer, forge, an anvil (or any surface that can withstand continuous pounding.

Be warned that this will be an hour-long video. It will take you from start to finish, and you will see how much elbow grease you will need to get this project done. But rest assured that each minute and each hammer strike are very satisfying to watch — and do.

Image source: Chandler Dickinson

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