[Video] Tips On How To Make Your Own Tap Holder (Hint: It’s Easy!)

Getting a new tap holder or wrench will cost you around $20 up to $30. And take note, you will not get a quality product with that price range. However, if you have a few screws lying around, you can just give it some elbow grease and you can create one that can match store-bought holders or even better.

Creating a top holder, whether it is small, big, or multipurpose, is easy. Even if you do not have power tools, you can get away with it by a few grits of sandpaper, saw, and clamps. The only concern you may have is time.

In case you have all the tools used in this video, then the crafting job will be a breeze. Anyway, it is best that you take a look at the video now. Watching it is satisfying, and it is more convincing than these paragraphs!

source: Marius Hornberger

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