Cool, New Tricks And Tips To Try With Your Tape Measure And Pencil.

Everyday carpentry isn’t supposed to be a pain. Whether it be a quick repair of a table or a window, or maybe a simple chore of hanging a portrait up the wall is undeniably better if done with ease and precision that would almost seem like magic.

In this simple, informative video, you will be given a few tips and tricks to make the most out of your everyday carpentry tools, specifically your tape measure and pencil. From finding half measurements with the tape measure, up to sharpening your pencils in the most unusual, but rapid and convenient way, carpentry will almost seem like the easiest thing you’ve ever done.

These, and other tips and tricks (hopefully to be discovered and shared by you), are guaranteed to get the job done without the worry of spending a lot of effort and time. Who said you can’t get more by using less? We bet you’ll be doing the tricks yourself after watching this tutorial!

Image source: Finish Carpentry TV

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