DIY Tutorial: Making The Ultimate Combination Of An Axe And A Knife — The AXIFE.

Axes and knives have different purposes. Although both are useful for cutting things, the axe is used more for heavier tasks and materials while the knife is oftentimes reserved for the kitchen. Axes are heavier and the weight comes in handy when you’re cutting wood or trees. Knives, on the other hand, are lighter and tend to be sharper.

For both cutting tools, the balance between the handle and blade itself is very important. If either the handle or the blade weighs too much, the knife or axe (especially a hand axe) can be tiring and troublesome to wield or use and you will easily get tired of using it.

In this DIY tutorial video, you’ll learn how to combine a hand axe and a knife into one. It has the raw cutting power of a hand axe and the grip, sharpness, and user-friendliness of a kitchen knife. So get your hands dirty and make your own “Axife.”

Image source: Hassan Abu-Izmero

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