Homemade Pallet Projects Using the Eizzy Bar Pro. A Simple Tool You Will Love It.

DIY – Pallet projects and more, The Eizzy Bar Pro! — by ‘izzy swan’. How to disassemble a couple of pallets in short time, and making a lots of projects with the wood that we are able to reuse and put to good use, without having to spend a lot of money for wood we save and was able too.

This awesome video will show you a tool ‘DIY – Pallet projects and more, The Eizzy Bar Pro’. Many thanks to the video creator ‘izzy swan’.

How to take pallets apart easy not to mention ,decks, fences, and allot more.. The Eizzy Bar Pro does it all. I designed this tool in my garage to make pallet and other dismantling projects easier. ..izzy swan



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Image source: YouTube.

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