[Video] This Is the Only Fishing Knot You Will Ever Need. The Uni Knot.

Do you still remember your camping days in school when you were taught how to tie different knots? You spent hours doing each of those knots because you had to and you needed that badge on your sash. Little did you know that each knot serves a particular purpose.

Some knots can help you in particular situations. Like in fishing, for example. There is a particular knot that you can use that will satisfy most, if not all fishing requirements. Learning to tie this knot is essential if you are into serious fishing activities.

This knot is called the Uni Knot. It is so versatile that you can use it from leader to braid, from leader to monofilament, and from monofilament to monofilament, just to name some. It’s also fairly strong and does not easily untangle when you’re reeling in that big catch. Watch the video to see how to tie this essential fishing knot.

source: Saltwater Experience

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