These Tower Speakers Will Not Hurt Your Bank Account — And They Sound Awesome Too!

Airplay Hifi tower speakers + Subwoofer — DIY_DAVE. When finished, this speaker system will be a worthwhile addition to your home theater setup. Wow your friends and impress them with your woodworking and electronics skills. But you don’t need to do a lot of technical research. Just follow the simple instructions. Many thanks to the author ‘DIY_DAVE’ @


I built my 2 living room Hifi Floor standing Speakers + subwoofer and centre speakers….DIY_DAVE

This speaker set includes a 200 watt RMS subwoofer, 2x 50 watt centre speakers and 2x 800mm high 3 way speaker towers @ 300 Watt each. The amp comes as a kit with tiny speakers that are really loud but not as full bodied in the midrange frequencies. So I decided to build my own mid woofer speakers.


MDF sheets – I used 3 sheets in total (1.8m x 800mm @ 16mm thick)
Wood Glue
fiber padding (Bed sheet stuffing)
30mm wood screws

Audio materials:
Speaker drivers taken from Sony HiFi system – (MGH RG440S) (2x mid woofers, 2x mid/high woofers, 2x tweeters, 1x 8″ subwoofer) Centre speakers were from a previous build – unknown make/model. (3″ 50watt drivers @ 6ohm)
Reel of speaker wire (I used copper premium oxygen free)
Onkyo HT-S3700 5.1-Channel Home Theater Receiver amplifier
3-way passive crossover – (to split the audio frequencies)






Airplay_Hifi_tower_speakers_+_Subwoofer1fIn order to design the enclosure from scratch you need intricate details about the drivers like the resonate freq and the air displacement of the unit. Something you won’t get looking at the manual of a hifi system or the back of the speaker. Although this may be outside the scope of this instructable, some may find it useful. Providing you know this information you can use this fantastic calculator to work our what type, shape and size your new enclosure needs or could be. (Calculator/Box/)

Head to the source article for complete instructions and details.

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