[Video] Step By Step Instructions: How To Easily Tie A Permanent Loop Using Eye Splicing In 3 Strand Rope.

You can use eye splicing to tie an eye or a permanent loop in the end of a rope. There are different techniques of eye splicing. These include eye splice in single braided loop, eye splice in 8 strand rope, and the conventional eye splice in 3 strand rope.

The process starts by tucking the end of the rope into a standing end to form a loop. The minimum number of tucks is three. As compared to simply tying a loop knot in the end of the rope, eye splicing offers greater strength. Eye splice in 3 strand rope can be applied to nylon, polyester, cotton, and synthetic ropes.

Eye splicing is a useful skill. It is better to learn how to do it than buy readily made dock lines or anchor lines with eye splice. Watch the video closely. In order to precisely follow the procedure, tie an eye splice in 3 strand rope yourself while you are watching.

source: WhyKnot

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