Combine These 4 Simple Knots To Have A Safe Trip While Carrying Heavy Load.

Trucker’s hitch has been a popular method to secure a heavy load when you are using your truck or trailer, but there is another knot-tying technique that is more reliable and easy to tie. The new method is a combination of four basic knots namely, bowline, sheet bend, alpine butterfly, and half hitch.

Each knot must be tied perfectly because they have individual purposes. The bowline will secure the rope that goes through the trailer pipe and over the lumber. The sheet bend will be useful when the rope needs extension. The alpine butterfly will be the one to carry the heavy tension. The half hitch will act as stopper so the rope will not slip.

The method will be tighter if you make 3 or above half hitches. Make sure that when you tie the alpine butterfly, you pull as much as possible. Watch the full video to witness how the 4 knots are applied together.

Image source: AskWoodMan

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