Upgrade Your Tig Welding Skills From This DIY tutorial.

Tig Welding Penetration & Tungsten Electrode Grind Angle — by ‘weldingtipsandtricks’. Several charts can be found on welding text books and also on some welding web sites that discuss the penetration behavior caused by varying the angles of the tungsten electrode grind. You can see the different effects in the resulting weld even if the author applied the same travel speed.

Many thanks to the video creator ‘weldingtipsandtricks’.


Tig Welding penetration is affected by the angle of the tungsten grind…I like to see things for myself so I tested 3 very different angles on pieces of 2% lanthanated electrodes …all 3/32″ (2.4mm)….weldingtipsandtricks

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Image source: YouTube.

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