Build Your Own Waste Oil Burner Using A Tin Can!

A burner can be used for all kinds of purposes. Given the rising prices of fuel, the use of waste oil as fuel for burners has become a very popular practice. Not all commercially available burners can use waste oil for fuel, but the good news is you can build one yourself.

Building a waste oil burner has distinct economical and environmental advantages. First, it allows you to utilize materials that you otherwise won’t use such as scrap metal and waste oil. Second, the fact that you are using waste oil allows you to save money while reducing wastes that can potentially damage the environment.

Constructing your own waste oil burner is actually surprisingly easy and only requires minimal amount of equipment. In the video that you are about to see, materials such as tin can, spare metals, metal tubings, and a brake disc were used to build the burner.

Image source: GerrysDiy

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