How To Make Your Own Tire Bead Breaker. Breaks Any Bead.

Breaking the bead of a tire essentially means getting the tire out of its rim. The bead is what keeps the rubber tire and its metal rim together. Tire bead breaking is usually accomplished using a tire-mounting machine, but if you do not have access to this and do not want to have to bring your tires in to a tire repair shop, you can consider making your own DIY tire bead breaker.

This tutorial teaches you how to build your own tire bead breaker using different pieces of metal and screws that you can easily source. You will also need cutting and welding equipment in order to put your homemade tire bead breaker together.

Building this handy tire bead breaking contraption is not as complicated as it seems. The instructor in this video thoroughly explains his design and his process in simple and easy to follow steps. He also demonstrates how to properly use the tire bead breaker.

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