Detail Like A Pro: Learn How To Paint Letters On Tires!

The look of your car is highly influenced by the wheels. Getting the right set of wheels and tires for your car can set the tone for its looks, as well as its performance. Related to this, adding some detailing to your tires can help take your car’s look to the next level.

Painting the letters on your tires is a cool way to add much-needed detail to it. Having painted tires will greatly boost your car’s looks at an affordable price. Tires with painted letters look nice in virtually all kinds of cars and will give much-needed detail to your wheels.

The popular technique used for adding detail to tires is to use stickers or decals. However, such a technique may not be sustainable in the long run as it can fade. In the video on the next page, you will learn how to paint your tires using a set of color markers.

Image source: Nthefastlane

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